artist statement

Celebrating colour and tactile textiles, JuanitaTortilla is a collection of whimsical wares. Juanita is passionate about zero waste and upcycling—creating original designs and functional art for the nonconforming eco-conscious.

made by hand

With emphasis on uniqueness, each JuanitaTortilla creation is a piece of art—or heart—designed individually and crafted one at a time by Juanita in her home studio.

merging interests

Incorporating printmaking techniques, Juanita's world-travelling Ragdoll Birman cat, Pickle, is the featured muse in her Pickled Pockets collection.

hand-printed illustrations

Inspired by the feathered friends in nature, characteristic South Australian native bird illustrations are showcased in the hand-printed repertoire.


At birth, Juanita is her name; JuanitaTortilla, however, is her age-old online handle. Born and raised in Singapore with a background in Animal Biology, Juanita’s residences in North America and Europe (since 2004) saw her craft an upcycling practice through the continents.


As of 2013, Juanita calls the green Adelaide Hills of South Australia home with her husband and two beautiful indoor seal-point cats, Pickle and Mia.

special project

A colour-coded project and study of daily temperatures for 2017 is craft-fully presented monthly as upcycled fabric weavings and beaded necklaces: #TemperatureProject2017.


Follow Juanita's creative journey and random musings on Instagram.