Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Maximalist - 14 Long Boho Necklaces

JuanitaTortilla Maximalist Necklaces (1)

These are just a bunch of beads, but to me, this is an armful of memories. Each little bead comes with its own unique memory from all over the world.

I started playing with beads in 2004, collecting and hand-picking beads from my travels to India, Malaysia, and Nepal. Friends trickled into my life and contributed to this bead stash. There are beads in here that remind me of Michela, Sandra, Janet, Ann, Jess, Allison and Rachel, in chronological order, spanning the globe from Europe, the US and Australia. Thank you for your friendship and our shared memories.

It’s amazing how the brain tissue allows us to attach a sentiment or a small fleeting moment in life to an inanimate object as tiny as a bead.

On a lighter note, these beads have also been through cycles of beady projects, because I tend to get restless and love to repurpose. My entire bead stash is represented here on these 14 necklaces; no bead left behind!

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