Sunday, June 3, 2018

Gathering Trinkets in Concrete / Mosaic Session with Friends at The Adelaide Remakery

 While decluttering and packing up for this impending move out of Australia, it occurred to me that I could (or should) compile all the little trinkets -- cracked ceramic bowls from past travels and gifted jewellery -- into a memento. A simple and useable object.

 The lovely friends and crew of The Adelaide Remakery rallied together and organised a it's-not-a-farewell-party at their shop one evening.

 It was as wild as a craft party could get: kitty cupcakes and lamingtons and chocolate-covered licorice were involved. I loaded most of my glass beads onto the tray of cement. They aren't visible in these pictures as they all sank!

 In a careless hurry, and in order to make it for the mover's visit in a couple of days, I thought it would've been fine to take my wet tray home. Lesson learnt: Never transport a wet tray of cement.

 Trying to salvage the situation, a late night of digging my claws into wet cement ensued. Half of the cement was lost (washed down the drain) as I picked out the hundreds of itty-bitty sunken beads.

  IMG_6108The thin concrete block of pretty mosaic pieces looked promising the next morning.

 But alas, the ridges at the bottom of the plastic tray made the concrete piece less solid than it looked. This effort crumbled into 500 pieces the moment I picked the tray up to set it into my packing box for the movers.

 We shall re-visit this concrete mosaic the next time we are in Seattle!

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