Friday, February 10, 2017

Beaded Temperature Project: January 2017

TEMP NECKLACE Jan2017 (2) TEMP NECKLACE Jan2017 (7) Here is the other temperature project I am doing, using a bead a day. Most fun was sorting out my bead box and deciding on the colour and increments. No idea what this may lead to. Maybe 12 pieces of jewellery by the end of the year? #temperatureproject20

I have 2 running projects for my #TemperatureProject2017: fabric weaving and beads.

Beads, because I have a box full of beads from the past taunting me, and my goal is to de-clutter, working with what I have. The fun bit was sorting out the beads and assigning the temperature gradient.

12 necklaces for 12 bags. How matchy-matchy. TEMPERATURE PROJECTS Jan2017 (2)

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