Monday, June 6, 2016

Sushi Cooking Lesson with Yayo 20.Apr.16

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Our week in Osaka was not jam-packed with activities, but we did begin our first afternoon with a sushi cooking class. Sushi cooking with Yayo was a private session in her home -- the third participant did not show up, so we had the place to ourselves with Akane, the silky terrier mascot. (Seen here wearing a doggy kimono.)

It was a casual homely affair, Yayo had prepared all the ingredients beforehand. After each careful demonstration, we get to have a go on our own. Mind you, trying to make an omelette (dashimaki) with chopsticks is not as easy as it looks...

Our class / dinner comprised of miso soup, dashimaki, 10 pieces of sushi and samples of sake. All spectacular, if I say so myself.

I conclude that Japanese women deserve the tip of the hat and had it been left to me, with all that prepping and cleaning up and immaculate presentation, we won't be having sushi and dashimaki and miso soup on a regular basis!

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