Monday, June 6, 2016

Dotonbori and Shinsekei 21.Apr.16


We began to realise that there is an entire underground network buried in Namba -- a city of railway and shops -- right under our hotel. The bakery with kitty buns became a landmark in our navigation.

This is Pickle transported back in time to kittenhood in Osaka. If only.

We decided to make Dotonbori our breakfast stop for Day 2. It was a rainy day which threw any plans for a trip to Kyoto out the window.

21.Apr.16 21.Apr.16

The most significant memory to this little eatery was partly the kaisendon in which the chef kindly but unexpectedly doused soy sauce on the sashimi for us, but mostly because as we sat down, we realised that we were out of Yen and they couldn't accept credit cards...

21.Apr.16 21.Apr.16
It was a charade of gestures and eventually guessing from within the ambiguous string of phonetics a semblance of 'Family Mart' (a convenience store) where there is an ATM. You bet Family Mart become the running joke of the week.

21.Apr.16 21.Apr.16 21.Apr.16
A simple wet day of snacking through Dotonbori and under-covered shopping streets ensued with some purchase as collateral.

21.Apr.16 21.Apr.16
Lots of fabric fondling. Somebody stop me.

This really damp day also allowed us wander underground for cake and tea (Matcha, what else?) before heading out in the drizzle to Shinsekei and Tsutenkaku Tower.

21.Apr.16 21.Apr.16 21.Apr.16 21.Apr.16
Only because a picture of Takoyaki Hello Kitty in the observation deck is mandatory.

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  1. That sounds like my kind of trip! And those cat buns are so cute. Is it chocolate on them?

    1. Definitely chocolate on them, and fully stuffed with beautiful vanilla custard...


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