Friday, April 8, 2016

Rejected By A Renown Market Event and What This Means To JuanitaTortilla and Me

So you've waited a long time to gather enough confidence and pride in your work, fussed over your product and display photography, think 'go for broke' for said renown event as you submit the online application with a bated breath.

What's the worst that could happen? A severely bruised ego from rejection, that is all.

Being rejected by the trendy and reputable market event saw a few good things, in retrospect. For one, now I can put this good money to other use: workshops, supplies and other markets. Two, it has been made very obvious to me that JuanitaTortilla is not about being on-trend and commercial. How fun will that be? And on that note, I am determined to continue steering my work on the off-beaten track, revelling on more playfulness and individuality.

Raising my glass to hip-hip-hooray being different and doing what we like!


  1. Well, they have no taste and have no clue as to what's trendy!
    I have a story like that...maybe even a little worse.That big show contacted me...and the stalls were super expensive but, well, it looked I filled in the appication form...and they turned me down LOL And then a little later they contacted me again, saying they accepted me after all...and I said no. And the show bombed and they never had one since...


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