Thursday, March 3, 2016

Upcycled: Shabby Chic Bunting From Vintage Doilies, Handkerchieves, Tatted Bookmarks or Place Mats

Bunting_Crochet_Purple (3)

What do you do with that pile of Nanna's old hankies and table doilies? String them up and prettify the space. So boho and shabby chic.

The ingredients to this project:
* old fabric keepsake pieces (size does not matter),
* your trusty steam iron
* good length of ribbon, fabric strip or bias tape
* sewing machine

Bunting_Vintage_Doilies (5)Bunting_Vintage_Doilies (1)Bunting_Vintage_Doilies (2)

1. Press each doily to neaten.
2. Fold it into half.

Note: To maintain the integrity of each precious piece of pretty, I left them uncut. It gives the bunting flag more weight and feel, in my opinion, and also admiration on both sides. Who knows, we may one day need whole pieces of granny doilies or napkins in a zombie apocalypse?!

Bunting_Vintage_Doilies (6)

3. Place ribbon inside / between crease of folded doily.

4. Stitch securely the doily-and-ribbon sandwich. Yay, you made your first flag!
Optional: Continue stitching along the ribbon to create a gap between flags.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to create your upcycled bunting.

For tie ends: have a length of "tail" before stitching first flag and after last flag.
Bunting_Vintage_Doilies (7)

For squarish handkerchieves -- and to feature the embroidery at the corner -- I made each flag like a trapezoid.
Bunting_Vintage_Doilies (3)
Bunting_Hankie_Purple (5)

Have fun draping and watch the flags flutter!

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