Thursday, March 10, 2016

Crept Into Our Third Year in South Australia


Too sneaky -- we're well into our third year in Australia.

There has not been enough koala and kangaroo sightings and pics. I'd swap them spiders and millipedes for the furry ones, thank you very much. If you must know, spiders appear in my dreams (nightmares should be the word) just about every other day. A few instances had me screaming awake. Thanks, Australia, for all your large freaky spiders and playing up on my quasi-arachnophobia.

In the past 2 years I have met like-minded creatives, thanks to attending markets. Adelaide is the first place where marketing opportunities became more readily available to me. (I use the word 'marketing' to mean being a vendor at markets.) Now I have friends and colleagues. And things that happen in social groups.

We have gone about our familiar ways more easily without the hurdle of coping with a different language. The Adelaidean accent is easy on the ears -- my previously untrained ears could hardly distinguish that from a New Zealander's. Watching enough Flight Of The Conchords can fix that.

I am turning into the lazy fat cat who gripes about her multiple chins and ever-expanding waistline. True, I am middle-aged and should stop eating like a teenager. But there're many nice things to eat in Adelaide. Also, a laksa will taste like a laksa, for which we are grateful for. And chocolates. And cheese.

As for the non-rose-tinted-glasses bit, how about being far and removed from the rest of the continent, the rest of the world even? The Hubs takes that much longer to travel up to the northern hemisphere for work, me home alone for that much longer. The incalculable time differences and never-ending jet-lag.

In some ways I feel like we've stepped back in time despite geographically being in the future. But for now this will do for us and Pickle... Just don't get me started on the summers here and how much dislike there is for cats.

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  1. Three years already, wow! Yay for English language speakers. Also, did you hear that Flight of the Concords is making a comeback??


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