Friday, December 25, 2015

Last String of Markets for 2015

Year-end market dates 2015
Last String of Markets for 2015
The past 5 weeks had been the ultimate market fever, attending a market every weekend. More marketing practice meant less anxiety with each one, but still an equal amount of fussing over display. Unlike Goldilocks, not one set-up is ever 'just right.'

That Dapper Market, Dec 2015
I have come to learn that it is best to rock up, assess the location of your spot and customise the display accordingly. If not rushed, I may even remember to take a snapshot of it.

Not sure why it took me up until the end of the year to re-paint my signage. I guess I needed a distraction and it isn't called Procrastination for nothing; better late than never.
Hand-painted signboard!

This time last year I was taking the pom pom bunting out to the market. Deja vu? The pom poms are as festive as it can get in my booth!
Stirling Laneways, Dec 2015

Of course it had to rain on my last market for the year. I'd rather the rain than 40-degree (Celsius) heatwave, to be honest, because I am grumpier than Grumpy Cat in sun and heat... I had a relatively good day despite being inconspicuously walled-up and dripping with rain. December 20th may be a little too close for Christmas shopping?

Agapanthus in a teapot
A lady broke the afternoon's humdrum when she stepped right in and asked if this floral arrangement was for sale. I am attached to the teapot myself, unfortunately, but I do have hundreds of Agapanthus to spare! She did walk away disappointed...

Pin board full of purses
Still not sold out of purses, safe to say I can have a break from making things the next few months!

Chicken burger at Miss Perez, Stirling
Lastly this is how we typically end our Sunday market at Stirling, providing it was a profitable day: a delicious burger at Miss Perez. (If it was a bad day, and there can be bad days, it would be a trip straight home.)

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