Saturday, December 26, 2015

December is One Hot Month

19.Dec.15 16.Dec.15 06.Dec.15

It's going to be one long summer, with heatwaves happening at the beginning of December. (An Australian summer is December to February.)

The favourite tip I've picked up is: frozen bottled water. I believe a stiff bottle of ice is a true Aussie way of handling the heat when outdoors. It'll thaw right before your eyes. We try to keep all gardening activity to the mornings or late evenings. Even the veggie patch needs shade from the blazing heat.

To cope indoors, we draw all the curtains, blast all the air-conditioning units and eat ice-creams for a large part of the day. Needless to say, a long stretch of days cooped indoors can give one cabin fever. There is so much of the internet we can handle and television we can watch.

Poor Pickle, though, having us in her hair 24/7 as a result and there's nothing much she can do about that!

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  1. Melting kitty :) Here they are happy about the incredibly mild weather we're having.


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