Monday, October 26, 2015

October's Market Tweaks

One of the most recent critiques I've received regarding my stall set-up and one that I have found to be very constructive was: The background should not be fighting with your work.

With a bounty of colourful and detailed items, a plain background works best. I have thus gone ahead and painted all my baskets with a cream outdoor paint we have on hand... I have to admit, it made a huge difference -- the colourful contents popped in your vision immediately.

Other recent changes I have made:

- Inverting the tablecloth to reveal its whitish wrong side. Yes, I am moving on to the bright side.

- Tried to contain the Pickle-printed wares to a designated table. I struggle with the new and alternate identity of being "The Cat Stall" and the remark of 'Cats everywhere,' hmm.

- Created a smaller signage, and in essence tried to travel lighter.

These changes were put to practice last Sunday at Stirling Laneways. In retrospect, while I enjoyed the open spot, the morning sun was not in my favour. The blinding sun had been in people's eyes for a large part of the day and I was literally in the shadows, my marquee used as a thoroughfare for marketgoers and perfect spot for a group chat. I welcome the foot traffic, and the warmth of the sun, don't get me wrong. It's alright. Now, on to the next challenge of adapting to the sun's lighting at the next market!

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  1. I wouldn't mind being the "cat stall" ;) The new version is brighter indeed. Well done!


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