Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two Markets in August 2015

16.Aug.15 16.Aug.15 16.Aug.15 16.Aug.15

August marks the start of my market season in to the lead up to Christmas.

First market of two was Flinders Street Market, on the special event, 'Ink Crush', for all things design- and illustration-related. I booked a mini stall, bringing 2-suitcases full of select Pickled items. It has been 7 months since I was at Flinders Street Market and it was nice to see all the familiar faces who have been so supportive of my creative misadventures, the Pickle obsession being the latest!

16.Aug.15 We're loving the love. Thank you for this gorgeous shot of your new Pickle bag, @nikkibird2 ! #juanitatortilla #PickledPockets

The market has been tested: Everybody loves Pickle.

A week after Flinders was the much-anticipated That Dapper Market. It was my first Dapper experience and have only heard good things about it. In all honesty I was so happy to be accepted, but reminded myself not to hold any expectations. Markets are unpredictable and I cannot presume my experience to be the same as others. I did not travel light this time.

It was great. Friend, Sue, was lovely to assist me for a few hours, enabling me to have a toilet break in my 8 hours there.

23.Aug.15 23.Aug.15

Always lovely to meet fellow cat-loving folks! Despite my efforts, I have to assure the audience that I do non-Pickle things as well...

Each market provides a new lesson to be learnt. Something (or some things) to be tried out on 27th September in Stirling Laneways!

23.Aug.15 23.Aug.15

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