Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Battle of Pickled Pockets Tea Towels -- Screen Print versus Stamped

TeaTowel_ScreenPrint (1) TeaTowel_ScreenPrint (4) TeaTowel_Stamp (1) TeaTowel_Stamp (5) TeaTowel_Stamp (4) Playing with ink this week. What am I making?!? #Pickle #pickledpockets #printmaking TeaTowel_Stamp (2)

It's the battle of Pickled Pockets Tea Towels: the screen-print versus hand-stamped.
Each one bears a different look; I like them both equally! What about you?


  1. I like the really black screen print of Pickle but then the stamped version makes her look quite retro, worn and loved. I like both!

  2. I can see why its hard to choose - they are both quite different looks!! I think I prefer the stamped version, but by a slim margin!!


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