Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Filo Sheet Pastry Challenge

17.Jun.15 11.Jun.15 (11) 11.Jun.15 (10) Phyllo-wrapped fish is how I will have my homemade fish 'n' chips from now on. Who needs a deep fryer? #picoftheday #food #fishnchips

A box of filo pastry sheets is plenty, so I made a cooking challenge out of it. First was filo-wrapped fish for fish 'n' chips. Second came spinach and feta cheese pie. Finally, the most satisfying (to see all the pastry get used up) was the chocolate and pear parcels.

Chocolate and pear is a winning combination. But will I commit to another box of filo for more dessert parcels? Maybe a little packet of wanton skins will do.

What other filo recipes do you recommend?

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