Thursday, July 2, 2015

Contact Screen Printing - New Pickle Image

24.Jun.15 (3) 24.Jun.15 (6)

I enjoyed a spontaneous screen-printing session at Union St Printmakers last week. This time, we did contact screen-print, which involved creating a stencil out of contact paper and sticking that on to the screen mesh.

Always falling back on my furry muse, I created a simplified graphic version of Pickle's silhouette. I realise that cutting out a stencil is a relaxing thing to do, although painstaking.

24.Jun.15 (4)
Simone is always a great instructor and I loved her set up. This inspired me to make my own screen-printing area, if space allows it?

Also just grabbing some things from my work room in the last minute to take with me, I decided to experiment with printing on upholstery fabric. Looks good!

25.Jun.15 (1)

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  1. It is hard to tell whether Pickle is pleased or not...


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