Friday, June 12, 2015

Geology Field Trip -- Day 6 of 7 at Yulara, Ayers Rock 04.Jun.15

A proper vacation day for us as we missed the group and their very early walk at Kata Tjuta. Kata Tjuta to mean many heads.

The shortest walk at Kata Tjuta is through the gorge, a 1 hour return.

These are the flies I talk about.
04.Jun.15 04.Jun.15
By now, as you could have guessed, I was feeling saturated with rocks we have no awareness of. Sorry.

04.Jun.15 04.Jun.15

Yulara is an interesting spot. By that I mean it is a little isolated town to accommodate tourists and staff residents.

Right smack in the desert, everything is transported. We tucked into a nice lunch of seafood marinara and fish 'n chips, a break from wrapped sandwiches and anything we could pull out from our bags. And chicken. Of course, they were as fresh as any "fresh" seafood in the desert could be. Delicious, nevertheless.

It won't be a true holiday without some mindless souvenir shopping, something which was readily available at the resort.

Ayers Wok is awesome, but funnier are the 'Hard Rock with no Cafe' paraphernalia.
By the way, that was my Ayers Wok pad thai dinner with free veggie spring rolls for the 40-min wait. That put the friendly in budget-friendly.

All rocked / walked / wok-ed out, the week went by just like that.

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