Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Geology Field Trip -- Day 4 of 7 at Kings Canyon 02.Jun.15

We met up with the group on the campsite at 8 that morning, following them for what was going to be a long day at Kings Canyon, taking the 6 KM Rim Walk which begins with a 500-step climb.

Definitely worth the effort, in hindsight. I have never seen such views before -- rocks in the reddest of red with the sunrise.
02.Jun.15 02.Jun.15 02.Jun.15 02.Jun.15

Because we were not admiring rocks and formations, we sped ahead of the group and ended up completing the Rim Walk in 2 hours instead of the full day or proposed 3.5 hours. Glad to have avoided the high noon heat!

As a little bonus, we explored the ridge at Kings Canyon Resort later that afternoon, ending up at the boardwalk for drinks at sunset once again.
02.Jun.15 02.Jun.15

Catching up with the group at the campsite, the assigned cooking group raised the bar with chicken satay. Just how many ways can chicken be cooked, with a grill?

Some clever Indonesian innovation: peanut butter, tomatoes, onions and Ayam sos!

How about that presentation, eh?

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