Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Geology Field Trip -- Day 3 of 7 at Kings Canyon 01.Jun.15

Day 3 for us all was spent on the road -- onward to Kings Canyon, bypassing Alice Springs. It took us 4+ hours via unsealed road; 6 hours for the group with the coach via the highway.

01. and 02.Jun.15
FYI: One needs a permit to drive through the indigenous land of Mereenie Road. This is available at Alice Springs tourist information.


The unsealed shortcut did prove to shave hours off the journey, but mind you, there are no stops apart from Hermannsburg. An interesting bumpy stretch of 200km with a full bladder.

We left Ross River deciding that after another rough night of cold we were not prepared for along with this illusion of "sleep," the camping gear should be packed up for good... While lunching in Alice Springs, we quickly looked up accommodations at Kings Canyon, while there was internet service, but concluded that we could probably hang on to another two nights of camping.

Upon reaching Kings Canyon, we casually asked the reception if they had spare accommodations, seeing how packed the campground was. The Hubs made the executive decision to not camp. We all have our creature comforts and what a difference a proper rest made. The days were getting colder and very thankfully we had the choice.

Being indigenous grounds and a heavily-touristed spot, permission was not granted to fly a drone at Kings Canyon. This was the sunset at Kings Canyon.
We did not manage to join the group for dinner that night, but ended up at the resort's grill instead.

Funny story of the evening: A lady was having her cigarette break next to the heater at the al fresco area where we were. Done with her cigarette, she walked over to our table and asked where we lived. Adelaide, we said, and so did she. Going further into specific locations, she was animatedly amused and related that her son drives the Mount Barker bus route, which I would probably get on occasionally, and said that if I ever see a driver wearing a hat, I should tell him that I met his mum Paula in the middle of nowhere.

True, we were right in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for the reality check!

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