Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 7 of 7, Ayers Rock to Alice Springs, Henbury Meteorite Conservation Reserve 05.Jun.15

05.Jun.15 05.Jun.15

The longest drive to Alice Springs for the week.
05. and 06.Jun.15

In no hurry to get back to Alice Springs, we made a teeny detour to Henbury Meteorite Conservation Reserve. Craters! Rocks from outer space!
05.Jun.15 05.Jun.15 05.Jun.15

The vastness of the country, rocks crashing into earth from OUTER SPACE -- that should force you to reflect upon the significance (or insignificance) of your existence...
05.Jun.15 05.Jun.15

We must have chosen the busiest time to be in Alice Springs, because we almost couldn't get a room at any place apart from a motor inn, chock-a-block with trucks and dirt bikes. Finke Desert Race, it turned out.

Just one more sleep to our home and Pickle, we made dinner out of nuts and mandarins.
P.S. I wouldn't recommend sitting on that sofa.

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