Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Op Shop Vintage Finds: Photo Frames

02.May.15 Lounge area wall of photos 02.May.15 Lounge area wall

We went op-shopping in Unley for The Hubs' birthday and brought home a few picture frames. I have since added more to the collection over the past couple weeks, and we worked on this wall of photos together. Gone are the pinboards of random photos -- I like this organised chaos of old photo frames.

Bottom row is of our time in Princeton, New Jersey, the top row of Zurich, Switzerland. A very concise summary of the past 10 years.


  1. Which op shops did you go to in Unley (I live
    in Parkside)? All my usual ones seem to have
    gotten expensive and not as good.

  2. Hi Barbara! Frames were from Rotary Club of Unley, and we parked and visited antique shops in the vicinity of McKay's Mart along Unley Road. You are right though, the restored furniture shops are on the pricey side. Just looking at Google Maps now, I realise there are loads of shops to check out!

  3. I like how you are decorating your home! It has lots of character!


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