Monday, May 25, 2015

New Vintage Leather Furniture Set

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We scored a 5-piece leather set couple weeks ago off Gumtree from a family close by. The close proximity makes transporting a heck of a lot easier in 2 cars. Because we don't pretend to be fancy people, we like the rugged look, even though there is not much of wear and tear. More damage might have been done in moving these pieces, instead! There was something satisfying about digging my nails into every crease with the leather wipes and seeing all the dust get removed. Yay, now there's a spot for everybody's bum, upstairs and downstairs!

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  1. Great score! Real leather must be so comfy!
    It's good that they have no gaps underneath. I regret getting that yellow Ikea couch with heaps of space under it... Rösti runs under there and makes havoc.


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