Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Firescreen Guard for Pickle

IMG_3954 IMG_3952

We're not taking any chances this wood-burning season with the little Miss Pickle, being the pickle she is. There has been no other way of preventing this curious old girl from jumping on to the burner, so this firescreen guard is the last resort! Let's see if she'll outsmart us. Hopefully not.


  1. Oh Pickle! I remember we had a cat once that got SO close to our fireplace once an ember feel on him, and it took a great deal of effort to get him to move/get the ember off!

  2. Cats and heat...I had a cat enter a gas heater that was on once. I still have no idea how she managed to squeeze into such a small opening as we had to take the whole things apart to get her out. She was not hurt, thanksfully.


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