Thursday, May 7, 2015

Art Class Painting Gets A Makeover

01.May.15 A very unloved art class painting from eons ago
As we moved from home to home and country to country, this canvas painting never saw any daylight. It was done eons ago when I took an art class in Princeton. This was the only outdoor session -- at Princeton Shopping Center -- and I remember how I dragged my face to it, because I much preferred still life, then. Apparently how one feels does get translated into the work... It must have been a nice Spring day, too, given the lavender blooms and flourishing trees. (I also remember wondering how the model in shorts wasn't feeling cold.)

Since we are enjoying the elementary pop style lately, this was what I did:
02.May.15 Reworked old painting
The spirit of the class model is still there. How mood-changing bright colours can be.

I realise that my favourite thing to do at the end of a painting session is: to mop up all the colours with a sponge and spread it on the sides.
02.May.15 Reworked old painting

This painting now lives in a guest room, finally.

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  1. I also like how it was before, but at least you're really happy about how it is now, that's what matters! :D
    the best laugh for me was trying to find the model in the painting after you mentioned your feelings translating into the work! It's great how you put her at the bottom left corner and was almost invisible :)


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