Thursday, May 21, 2015

16.May.15 Cudlee Creek and Clare Valley

16.May.15 16.May.15 16.May.15 16.May.15

Last Saturday Hubs and I paid a visit to Clare Valley for the Gourmet Weekend, making a breakfast detour at Cudlee Creek through the hills. With the weather we've been experiencing at home, it was a treat to be in the sun at Clare Valley.

And because we had tucked into a massive breakfast at Cudlee Creek, we could only enjoy a dessert at Pikes Wines. Deciding not to take on a friend's offer to camp on their property, we drove home to be with Pickle without a drop of wine in us that evening! I'm glad we made the trip out.

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A video posted by juanitatortilla (@juanitatortilla) on

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