Monday, April 13, 2015

JuanitaTortilla Fabric Postcards Batch 2

Postcards_27Mar15 Postcards_27Mar15(2) Postcards_27Mar15(1)

Some days I don't feel like working at all and creating fabric postcards, with the first step of slicing cardboard boxes, is my way of getting back into swing of things and creative juices flowing. This batch, Batch 2, is supported by contributions of cereal boxes from lovely friend Jess and my slow raiding of my kitchen pantry. It does take a while to go through a box of breakfast cereal...

Batch 2 is now of standard size 6x4 inches. Zig-zagged on the edges for both decorative and functional purposes. And how do you like the stamps and rainbow lines?!

Here's what the awesome JuanitaTortilla customers have to say, in their own words!

Fabric postcards can be found in my Etsy shop,

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  1. Its good to have simple projects to get into the swing of things on *bleh* days. I love the Pickle postcards!


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