Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cat Killed My Comforter and Washing Machine

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Yesterday was one of those days where everything went wrong. Pickle decided to spew a large amount of vomit on the bed as I was just about ready to head for the supermarket, so I shoved the massive comforter* into the monster washing machine -- mind you, we bought this large monster for incidents like this -- and left the machine to take care of the cleaning on a 1:50hr cycle.

However, having returned home and done with other chores, the machine went on spinning repeatedly, flashing 7min every half hour later. Unless I was going about at superhuman speed, which I don't unfortunately, the machine was clearly telling me it needed help. I cancelled its programme, and faced the horror of melting plastic when I lifted the lid.

Thoroughly disappointed that things aren't perfect, and I am almost afraid to try if the washing machine still works...

* Comforter = doova = duvet or quilt


  1. Maybe have it checked first? Because it must have gotten really hot for plastic to melt like that...

  2. Eek. I saw these photos on Flickr and was wondering what it was about. So sorry that all this happened. I can imagine how you feel :(


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