Thursday, February 12, 2015

JuanitaTortilla Collage Fabric Postcards

11.Feb.15 Fabric Postcards

So, I happily raided my kitchen pantry and went on a slicing frenzy.

These postcards require more thought and care than one would expect. First, you cut to size, then search for fabric, position it on the card, repeat the search and pairing until card is fully covered, glue, dry, stitch, tie loose ends, and admire.

Each one so different, they are larger than an average postcard -- more room to write! (Available on Etsy.)
PostcardA9(3) PostcardB1(3) PostcardB2(3) PostcardA4(1) PostcardA7(3) PostcardA8(3) PostcardB3(3) PostcardB5(3) PostcardB6(3) PostcardB4(3) PostcardA6(3) PostcardA5(3) PostcardB6(6) PostcardA3(1) PostcardA2(1) PostcardA1(2)

Also, each one is lined for your convenience.

And, yes, a fabric card does go through the mail. I just sent 2 large ones overseas!

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  1. These look great - I love the cat and faux fur one :D


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