Thursday, February 5, 2015

Green Tomato Challenge 2: Sweet Chutney

03.Feb.15 Green Tomato Chutney
When I posted a picture of the green tomatoes on facebook, it invited a cooking challenge. Friend Michele suggested chutney. I liked that idea, so I threw in whatever I had in the pantry, emptying the packets:
~ approximately half cup of sultanas
~ about 1 cup of brown sugar
~ 1 cup white vinegar
~ all kinds of spices (cloves, tumeric, fennel, cumin)
~ and 1 large onion.
To match the proportions, I chose 30 green tomatoes.

03.Feb.15 Green Tomato Chutney

Then it dawned on me that I'd like a sweet chutney, so I added a giant lump of palm sugar. (How often do I use palm sugar, anyway?)
03.Feb.15 Green Tomato Chutney

Left everything to simmer.
03.Feb.15 Green Tomato Chutney

Meanwhile, I boiled these glass jars and lids. While air-drying, I preheated the oven to 120 degrees Celsius. This is my first time sterilising jars -- I wanted to be doubly safe!
03.Feb.15 Green Tomato Chutney

The reduction process took much faster than I had thought. It was looking like chutney in 20 minutes.
03.Feb.15 Green Tomato Chutney

These jars had been oven-baked for 20 minutes. Obviously I overestimated, thinking 1 jar would hold 10 tomatoes...
03.Feb.15 Green Tomato Chutney

Not sure what this step would be for, but it would heat up the air in the jars and thus create a vacuum seal? (Sinking that pop on the lid as it cools.)
03.Feb.15 Green Tomato Chutney

There. All lids popped in and 100% satisfied with the experiment.
03.Feb.15 Green Tomato Chutney

Now this is what 60 tomatoes look like. Looking forward to the next challenge.
This is what 60 tomatoes look like. Yes, I am the nerd who counts her tomatoes before they ripen :D


  1. You are a master preserver! When I have made jam or chutney, I skip the boiling in water part and just bottle the preserve while piping hot then screw those lids on tight and upend the jar. This guarantees the lid pops when it has cooled. There'll be no stopping you now!

    1. First try, Joolz! You're right -- the possibilities are endless, there's no stopping me now :)


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