Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Garden Update: Blossom End Rot

02.Feb.15 Blossom End Rot 02.Feb.15 Blossom End Rot 02.Feb.15 Blossom End Rot
Last weekend I started noticing young vegetable fruits rotting. Very noticeable are the tomatoes and zucchinis. From above the tomatoes look happily sun-kissed and ripening, but with one slight nudge the fruit falls off, showing its rotten bottom. A little internet search brought up the term Blossom End Rot.

I decided not to let the other big but green tomatoes go to waste, so I harvested them. See how some deceptively green ones have developed lesions already.

The tomato plant (of similar batch) in the pot on the balcony was perfectly fine! Something must be going on in the vegetable beds. Lack of calcium, maybe?

02.Feb.15 02.Feb.15
It may not look any different, but some pruning of the tomato jungle gave each plant a bit of breathing space. The plants can thank me later.

02.Feb.15 02.Feb.15
Progress on other plants seem slow. Fingers crossed they didn't, or won't, succumb to Blossom End Rot? Odds are high since they're all on the same vegetable bed. We'll find out.

02.Feb.15 02.Feb.15

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  1. It's lack of calcium - or possibly erratic watering, I've heard both theories. I live down on the plains
    and had problems as well - it seems to have been a bad year. Roma tomatoes (the ones you
    grew) seem to be particularly prone. I also had problems with Green Zebra. I won't grow either
    next year.


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