Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wine Tasting in Clare Valley

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My friend Susan recently organised a wine tasting day. I had neither been to Clare Valley, nor did a proper wine tasting session, so I was looking forward to it. That Sunday was heavily overcast and we were glad the weather stayed dry.

We visited 7 wineries and showed much restraint. I had been extremely selective with my choices since I wasn't after anything in particular, and restricted myself to 2 or 3 wines per cellar. In conclusion, my taste buds agree with the light and 'airy fairy' kinds (Riesling for whites, light Shiraz and Tempranillo for reds)... And definitely the sweet and sparklies!

11.Jan.15 11.Jan.15 11.Jan.15

Lunch was at Mr Mick's cellar door kitchen where their tapas was beautiful. That eatery has deserved every high praise, in our opinion. The duck and soft shell crab dishes are so worth the wait.

As you can guess my other highlights of the day were getting close to these friendly wine cats. That is one other great use of a wine barrel...

11.Jan.15 11.Jan.15

That was Maysie approving of a tickle in Sevenhill Cellars. And this is the oldest fella I have ever met: a 25-year-old boy of Jenneret Wines. (25!)

This sweet old boy (25 years young) is a proper Wine Cat. Jenneret Wines, Clare Valley SA.

It was such a pleasant experience at Clare Valley and I would definitely do it again.

The itinerary:

9:00 Depart for Clare Valley

10:30 Arrive Clare Valley / Mount Horrocks Wines
The Old Railway Station, Curling Street, Auburn SA

Mintaro Wines
Leasingham Road, Mintaro SA

Paulett Wines
Sevenhill-Mintaro Road, Polish Hill River

12:30 Lunch & tasting at Mr Mick’s
Tasting while waiting for food to arrive
7 Dominic Street, Clare SA

Tim Adam's

Sevenhill Cellars
College Road, Sevenhill SA

Jenneret Wines
Jeanneret Road, Sevenhill SA

Depart Clare Valley


  1. Ooooh a little bit jealous here, good wine and cats :)

  2. That looks good fun! Those cats have found a good place to rest! I love your dress too! Sarah x


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