Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sew Me Something: New Look Easy 1 Hour Vintage Dress Pattern 6352 - First Make of 2015


When my little overlocker returned from a 10-day Christmas vacation (it needed servicing), I busted my stash and decided to start on something new, but simple. Just something to get back to dressmaking.

It is a "1 Hour Easy" sewing pattern that took me the entire day -- from tracing and cutting the paper patterns, cutting the fabrics, and constructing.

'Forgiving' is how I would describe this dress. The pattern runs big -- even though I made it to size 8-10, it hides all the bits that need to be hidden. As a personal addition, I created 2 large pockets. This is my kind of maxi dress! It is a maxi dress on me since I am a shortie.

Since I like the way the first blue one turned out, I made a second dress in black immediately and I have been taking every opportunity to wear them out... Perfect for letting it all go and hanging out, literally.

Pattern: New Look 6352


  1. Congrats on your first make of the year - a maxi dress is perfect in summer! It looks great too. I always get annoyed when it says "1-hour pattern"!! My first 1-hour pattern was made over a 4 week sewing course (4 Saturdays of sewing). Well done getting your first make of 2015 done! I have nearly completed one too :)

  2. Nice! Now I need one too (though I have time because summer is far away)


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