Monday, January 19, 2015

Our Favourite Koala

04.Jan.15 Our resident koala, Alejandro.

We woke up one morning to see this furry blob outside our window. Having Alejandro visit never gets stale.


It had been scorching hot the previous days, so we left out a bit of water. He examined this couple of hairless apes for a while with some concern, so we walked away and left him to it. Next thing we knew Alejandro had moved to another tree and left us an empty container.


We cannot bear to have our favourite koala go thirsty all summer, so we went out to buy a large container. He had left when we returned, but should be back again to enjoy a wider tub. If not, the kangaroos might.


  1. I love all the backyard "pets" you seem to have! That's so nice of you to look after them, too!

  2. Aww... it must be fun to have a wee koala in your garden. I have to admit, a lot of Australia animals freak me out, but koalas aren't one of them xox


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