Monday, December 29, 2014

Yabby BBQ

20.Dec.14 20.Dec.14

We had a second yabby feast a couple Saturdays ago and invited a few friends over. It has been said that they have never seen such huge yabbies before. This time we did it the Aussie style of boiling the bugs, then smoking them in the grill with butter and garlic. Heads were dunked in first to put it out quickly. Still, horrible to watch.

 The yabby does not taste much, and we conclude that the Singapore Chili crab sauce version was better. There is a lot more yabbies where these came from.

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  1. Definitely had to google that! Seafood is probably my favorite type of food, I'm always a little sad to live so far inland. Sounds like a perfect weekend get together. :)


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