Friday, December 12, 2014

Eating Pests -- Singapore Chili Crayfish

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We understand how this might be intolerable to softhearted vegetarian friends; I have second thoughts about sharing this. If you must know, it is the owners' wish to get rid of every single crayfish, which they consider pests, in their dam. There are plenty of them.

I was roped in to share my mother's Singapore Chili crab recipe. Welcome to our country life!

The chili sauce was being prepared while the crayfish were humanely terminated. We are all scientifically-trained and animal-loving people, you have my word. I had no desire to handle the critters, though.

11.Dec.14 11.Dec.14 11.Dec.14

In all the excitement, I had forgotten tomato sauce (ketchup). The sauce was so tasty, we didn't need ketchup!


  1. Hey, it's a renewable source! Unless you've caught them all out of the dam already ;)

  2. Well, I eat I am fine with that :)


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