Saturday, November 29, 2014

First Local Stockist -- Studio D Verdun

Studio D Verdun Studio D Verdun

I don't know which to be happier about -- my first solo "adventurous" drive* to Studio D in Verdun or having my first-ever stockist to host my bags. Either way, yay!

These select 6 bags, handpicked by Studio D's Christine, are now available to the wonderful shoppers who love something locally handmade and unique.

(* I don't drive unaccompanied to a place that is new to me, you see, but we are working on that!)


  1. Yay! An art store which loves your work! I knew there would be at least one store that likes your creations and would want to sell them for you :) Congratulations!

  2. ahhh congratulations!! this made me so happy to see. (also congratulations on the driving, from a fellow anxious driver.)


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