Saturday, November 1, 2014

First JuanitaTortilla Tote Bag in Years is This Patchwork

Lately I got to reminiscing about the bags I made in the past. One of the first bags I made to experiment for sale two years ago was this soft tote bag. It is made with a natural fibre of some sort. I am so happy that Julia aka Pixel Frau has it now.

With this seed planted in my head, I got fixated and started working on a patchwork tote last week. Haven't made a tote in over 2 years, imagine that!
This tote is a delicious one featuring gorgeous upholstery off-cuts my friend Jess so kindly passed on to me. Your eyes are not playing tricks -- the patches are slightly wonky! I had a fun time piecing them together and conforming them into one big rectangle. Nothing left to waste.

It is a 'full-bodied' bag that holds its shape and I love it, if I may say so myself. First tote bag in years and hopefully more to come?

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