Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Scenic Drive in Central Flinders Ranges, Around Wilpena Pound. 14.Oct.14


With the perspiration just beginning to cool off from our backs, we spoke to reception at the park station, fueled-up the tank and went on the scenic drive. Yay!

It is estimated to be a 5-hour loop drive: north to Blinman - west to Parachilna - southwest along Moralana scenic drive - finally back in Rawnsley Park.


It was past 2PM when we made it to Parachilna, our halfway point in the drive.

A building out in the middle of nowhere, the restaurant of Prairie Hotel is reputed for its feral dishes. I don't eat mammals, and now will be adding marsupials to the list since kangaroos and wallabies are adorable. Emus, though, are birds. Hmm.

Like stepping into another dimension, I love how the deserted exterior gave way to this cool, hip, lively and spacious interior. So many gorgeous art works on offer, I want them all.
(So, what did I eat? Fish 'n chips.)

It was nice having the roads to ourselves, watching dust being kicked up and enjoying the mountains in the rear view...
14.Oct.14 14.Oct.14 14.Oct.14
But then there were the occasional speedsters racing down the dirt road. The last emu chick made it across in time.

14.Oct.14 14.Oct.14
Such a beautiful country. So glad to have this opportunity; our first proper holiday in South Australia!

Of course, taking this selfie with the open window meant inviting hundreds of flies into the car and having them head straight for our orifices...

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