Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hiking - Rawnsley Bluff. 14.Oct.14

14.Oct.14 14.Oct.14 14.Oct.14 14.Oct.14

Our proper holiday started with this early morning hike to Rawnsley Bluff. We had anticipated a five-hour hike through midday. The steep hike up in 1.5 hours was totally worth it. The Wilpena Pound is just impressive and nothing I had ever seen before.

Hiking down was slower as my ageing knees clearly disapprove of the abuse it has been given over the years.

Seeing how we finished the hike well before midday (around 11AM, actually), we decided to have a Part 2 to this holiday!

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  1. Hiking has become one of my favorite things to do on weekends. Beautiful scenery!


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