Friday, September 5, 2014

Say Bye-bye to JuanitaTortilla Jewellery

03.Sep.14 04.Sep.14

We have tested the market and it is obvious: my bags are more popular than jewellery. Moving on, my focus will now be on growing the bag collection.

I still love looking at the colours and burying my fingers in these cold heavy beads, though, and I remember where each little bead came from.

Maybe, if you like me to whip something up for you, I would be happy to do that. But until the next beady inspiration strikes, whenever that is, this tray is filed away for hibernation.


  1. Hey Juanita!! I'm actually really interested in buying a chilli-bead-themed bracelet. Nothing on Etsy really takes my fancy, and I can never decide on ordering my own beads to make one.. I like your jewellery style, the beads are crocheted somehow, right?

  2. Enjoy wearing them with pride whilst selling your bags! :)

  3. Hi Juanita
    Sometimes you have to put something away to make room (mentally and physically!) for other things. You can go back to those beads whenever you want.....
    Your bags are fab

  4. Good luck focusing on your bags! It does seem that sometimes it's better to move one particular product than a mix of them.

  5. I guess sometimes you need to focus on one thing - I still think your jewellery is lovely!


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