Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pickle burnt her paws

30.Jul.14 Being the little Pickle
Three weeks ago, Pickle being the little pickle discovered a new hollow space above the combustion burner. I caught her in the act during the day.

We were enjoying a very nice fire one night and she decided to explore her new-found space. Our alarmed 'No!!!' was too late. She hissed and dashed under the sofa. Zuzana was with us at that time and it took the 3 of us to cool her burning hot paws by "bandaging" them with wet kitchen rags.

Untitled Untitled
After a week, her blisters subsided and it appears that only her left back paw was most hurt. She's fine now and the red patch is slowly flaking off to give way to new delicate skin. Here's hoping she has learnt her lesson...


  1. Oh no, the poor little darling, it must have been so painful.

  2. Poor Pickle her paws look so painful. Sarah x

  3. Oh poor wee Pickle! I guess she learnt a valuable lesson though...


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