Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lemons, Camellias, Kangaroos and Koala in a Day

09.Aug.14 12 lemons
This last Saturday, I decided to have a lemon harvest. Picking the fully yellow ones, I managed to gather 12! There are many more left on the tree I am leaving to ripen. Exciting. In fact, I have been adding lemon zest and juice into almost everything I cook.

09.Aug.14 Thought to cut some flowers from the bushes
And because the camellias are blooming, I helped myself to some. It's rare of me to decorate with flowers, so the jug is a temporary vase. I have to admit that having these colours livens the space.

Resident Kangaroos
That very same Saturday afternoon, Hubs and I decided to go on a short 'discovery walk' on the land across us. The lots of land are notably larger, and we spotted 6 kangaroos that roam here. What kangaroos are to Australia are what deer are to North America, I guess?

On our way home, I spotted a circular blob on a gum tree.

Catching sight of a koala makes me happy. This would be my second time seeing this guy on our street, the first for The Hubs. He must travel quite a bit, because the last time I saw this koala was many, many houses away! Unless we're looking at a different one? Maybe one day I'll learn to recognise each koala from their bottoms.

So round
Oh, just hanging around and relaxing. How adorable is this fluffy round blob?


  1. Oh wow, how exciting to see that little furry bottom!
    You should make fresh lemonade!

  2. How nice to have these animals just nearby :)

  3. what a nice place to live! Not boring at all.
    Waw for the lemons, what a luxury.

  4. I'm going to admit it - kangaroos just plain freak me out. I do love koalas though. Also seen as you have so many lemons have you thought of making lemon honey? It's pretty great. Here's a link in case you have no idea what I'm talking about :) http://www.foodinaminute.co.nz/Recipes/Lemon-Honey

  5. Did you know that if you apparently freeze a whole lemon and zest it into food it's supposed to be very good for you? I heard that a while back. And those flowers are gorgeous! It must be so interesting to have kangaroos and koalas roaming around like that!


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