Saturday, August 30, 2014

Emus, Skink and Echidna at The Coorong, 22.Aug.2014

22.Aug.14 22.Aug.14 Home to The Coorong
The Coorong National Park would be the farthest point from home in South Australia I have ventured out to, thus far. Inspired by Zuzana's road trip, we took the Friday off with John to visit the wetlands.

22.Aug.14 Home to The Coorong

Two-thirds along the way, we stopped by the town of Meningie for a bite at a modest bakery.
22.Aug.14 22.Aug.14

We made it to the national park in under 2 hours. While at Parnka Point (of Coorong), the slightest evidence of wildlife would bring the car to an immediate halt and have us jumping out with our smartphones.

Everything is just so new -- and strange -- to us. How about this ancient-looking creature?

We were admiring the majestic emus going about their carefree wander and foraging, until I spotted a little black fleck in the distance moving across the path.

John and I made a sprint -- my farthest sprint ever and in heavy hiking boots, no less -- towards what we suspect to be an echidna. It was. To catch a sight of this spiky creature was worth huffing and puffing.

Going further south to Jack Point, we had hoped to see the pelican colony, but enjoyed the nice walk instead since binoculars would have been useful in watching the pelicans.

As an added bonus, on the return trip, we drove around Lake Albert and managed to fit ourselves onto the ferry across the lake.
22.Aug.14 22.Aug.14 Around Lake Albert and crossing Narrung 22.Aug.14
And who knew that pelicans were just waiting for us? No binos needed.

That was quite a day and I wonder if it is going to be just as exciting the next time.


  1. The Coorong is a lovely part of SA, one that we have not explored much yet. We hope to go camping in Ruby at some stage.
    The photo you took of the emu in Meningie, thats the same little spot where we ate our lunch last Monday on the way home from Adelaide. We are still 2 hours further south.
    That lizard is commonly known as a shingleback lizard but we call them sleepy lizards because they are quite slow moving.

  2. Wow! Will love to be there... with you, of course!

  3. Just played catch up on your life/blog! Was absent a lot over winter with limited internet coverage. So much is happening for you! So wonderful to see you settling into Australia and your house and love seeing your thrill at discovering our native animals. Enjoy enjoy enjoy! (my secrets will be revealed soon my dear!)

  4. Such an exciting trip! The weather looks nice too. :D


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