Monday, July 28, 2014

Writing Process Blog Hop

Dear old buddy of mine, Wasted Fashion, asked me if I wanted to join this blog hop. I appreciate the questions posed on the blog hop and really enjoyed learning more about my friend's blog-writing process and thoughts on her fashion blog. We are friends before bloggers, as opposed to blogging bringing us together as friends, so our blogs is not the usual topic of discussion.

When we reconnected, in the flesh in Singapore 2009 (I think?), after a bazillion years since leaving primary school, Esther remarked that I need to work on my poses as we tried to take goofy selfies. She's really good at posing, and 'selfie' was not a word then! I am happy to witness the little changes to her blog's appearance over time and always enjoy studying the fun clothes and accessories she outfits herself. Now more than just a fat-shion blog, Esther shares with us vegetarianism and housewifedom, as well as life in Las Vegas where she now calls home with her husband.

I like how this blog hop will take you from one type of blog to another, so from a fashion blog to my domestic one, here are my answers to the blog hop questionnaire.


1. What am I working on?

These days, a blog post happens only when something I *think* my mother and friends would consider newsworthy pops up... Just life in general. These are the topics I find myself potentially working on because I am a narcissist?

Currently I have a list of flea markets in Adelaide drafted. It serves as a reference; I may not publish that. Also, there a couple of things I could share about our short visit to Cairns.

2.  How does my work differ from others in the genre?

I don't even know what the genre of this blog is anymore. A personal blog? I often get swayed into making the blog as a marketing tool for my creative "business". However, I am of the opinion that an all-marketing and purely craft blog is as distasteful and unappealing as eating a leather shoe, so I prefer talking about the weather instead.

Besides, as a promise to myself, on this blog you will not:
1. read a sponsored product review on this blog (why sell my soul);
2. think of me as a Martha Stewart wannabe (not a chance);
3. see specially-curated and stylised images to be part of the "in" crowd (it is what it is).
By sitting out of these few games, does this make my boring-as-can-be blog different from others then? This is a domesticated blog with a different aftertaste!

3. Why do I write what I do?

This blog is an online diary / scrapbook. After a few roundabout detours with thoughts of monetising this blog, I keeping coming back to its original purpose of keeping friends up-to-date... Also, this online journal has helped me jot down little details that memory forgets over time. I realise it has been my platform to lament, to whine, to engage and participate in blog-social events like this, and to show off even?

4. How does my writing process work?

The blogging process has remained the same since I began in 2004. Yes, 2004. I take pictures of something -- anything that has captured my interest -- to serve as a show-and-tell. You have seen how it works. And then I find hours in a day, at my desktop, to formulate words for one blog post. Whenever I feel comfortable with a blog post, I hit 'publish' and wait with bated breath for a comment to show up in my inbox. Otherwise, in the mental realm, I don't strive to create topics to write about and bombard the internet with. I am not a writer. No one is interested, anyway. But I am sure people are interested in "meeting" other bloggers, so let's get blog-hopping.


Since I got to working on this blog hop late, I am tagging in a concise manner these blogs: Create Hope and InspireDiane Wants To WriteAsk Sarah -- thank you all for saying 'yes' -- and all friends featured in my blog's 'Friendly Feature' who have made the blogosphere that much more friendly and pleasant!

Sorry for tagging in such short notice. Your blog hop post should go up on Monday, 4th August. Do let me know if you are blog hopping from here, so we can go visit!


  1. Wow...10 years of blogging...congrats. I love your blog, it's always fun and interesting as you go to so many places + cats photos ;)

  2. Thanks for the tag! I love to hear how other people work and decide what's right for their blogs, it's part voyeurism, part curiosity and a little normalizing! I'm not a very social blogger and it's lovely to be invited to the party

  3. I like how your blog is a mix of daily life, creations and adventures. I think it's really difficult to make a blog stick to one genre. Maybe it works for people who can really commit to one thing. I know I can't.


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