Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Pullover That Wasn't Quite; Purple and Green Souvenir Yarn from Nepal

~ The first hank of yak wool from Kathmandu, wound up. Photo circa October 2013. ~ This was the photo I took to the yarn shop when I had a second visit to Nepal. ~ Was excited to find a matching hank -- just that one left -- with the help of the same shop girl from my last visit, and returned home with it.

~ The wound-up balls from 2 hanks of yak wool. Photo circa April 2014. ~ Winding and untangling began in March 2014. ~ A cast-on for an undetermined project. ~ Finally settled on a jumper knitting pattern after a few attempts.

~ A jumper (pullover) that took a couple of months to make; cast-off in May 2014. ~ It turned out to be a dress? ~ Pickle for scale.

~ Obviously I misinterpreted the pattern... ~ Free knitting pattern sourced from Berroco, http://www.berroco.com/patterns/graphite

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  1. wil be warm and comfy for the winter to come!


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