Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Journey of a JuanitaTortilla Handcrafted Bag; How I Make My Bags

Being in the markets and explaining to interested viewers the story behind each bag can be exciting. But even more exciting is creating this video to illustrate my story. That's right -- it was created frame by frame, scribble by scribble, too.

Every piece I make has a story; each one so unique and one of a kind.

I hope you will enjoy this little video about the journey of a JuanitaTortilla handcrafted bag.
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  1. Awesome video. I really like the way you have made beautiful combinations from scraps of remaining fabrics :) Love your studio pic which comes in the video!

  2. Wonderful!!! I love how you transformed every "Juanita Tortilla bag" to a literary and moving piece. Your presentation also reminded of the book, The Secret Lives of the Dresses. The author said that behind every dress is a piece of story. The older the dress, the more wonderful stories it aims to relate.

    Wishing you and your bags more journeys and stories of happiness!


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