Monday, June 2, 2014

Pickle The Cheerleading Cat Loves Flinders Street Market

We've had a busy 2-day market weekend. Pickle would not let me out of her sight as soon as I got home. The weather had not been cooperative. Good thing we're an indoor market.

There's one thing I enjoy about being in Flinders Street Market: the really nice people. Fellow stallholders are warm and friendly, creating a sense of community. Most importantly, the organiser is always present and engaging. (Hearing from others, most market organisers are disengaged; I have experienced a not-so-nice market event last Sunday myself.)

Sunday morning, I woke up to an idea for a slightly different table display. Pickle came along for the ride. This would be my 6th market experience, and each time gets a little different.

With little foot traffic, I had the two days to wind up this tangled hank of wool. Other stallholders were tempted to help me out, but I insisted that I have it under control... I did! Applause all around for winding it all up by the end of the market weekend.

These are the Juanita Tortilla originals that have found new homes this past weekend.
Sold on 31 May and 01 June

They were sold at discounted prices, but sales nonetheless, and I am happy about that. In fact, I have been told that my prices are too low for the amount of work -- thank you to all of you who recognise that.

I have no markets lined up for the rest of June and July - winter is low shopping season - so it is best to restock, recharge, and rethink designs... and also tend to my dressmaking hobby which has been neglected.

The Juanita Tortilla Etsy store is still well and alive through Winter, though, and I will be offering a special coupon code for you soon!


  1. Your market stall looks so attractive! Love your necklaces. Love the bags and earrings, too. Lovely to see a new photo of you and Pickles. Such a handsome fella.

  2. I noticed your comment on Lucent's blog. You must have somehow disappeared off my blog list. It was February when we were last in touch! I assumed you were too busy with your new life in Australia to blog. Lovely to see your reunion with Pickles and how you are settling in to your new home. Sarah x

  3. It's great to see the progress you have made with your stall from week to week Juanita - it looks beautiful & inviting! Congratulations on your recent sales, so happy for you.
    Stella xx

  4. Hey!!! I was right then! :P
    Lovely family portrait!
    (taking a peak into Blogland, so scary after's so frustrating to have some spare minutes but not be able to leave comments :/ )
    Ciao! :*

  5. I'm glad you made some sales and it sounds like the other stallholders at this market were just lovely!


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