Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Second Chance at Flinders St Market - Much Better

Under Georgia's invitation, I had a spontaneous second market day at Flinders Street Market, last Sunday. Markets on Sundays are usually quiet, but I saw it as an opportunity to gain another 'experience point' under my belt. A second chance, even.

It was a luxury to be able to spread out my display that day (which would otherwise be L-shaped). You also notice that I brought two signs instead of one! The 'Cheap as Chips' shop saved my life -- I made a larger sign with acrylic paint and newsprint. So low cost but highly effective, and I can keep making more.
11.May.2014 Flinders St Market

There was more room between each bag, allowing me to stuff them with paper. Definitely better than limp and deflated bags.
11.May.2014 Flinders St Market

Not pleased with how I had the necklaces lying flat on the table last time, I searched for necklace display stands on ebay, but figured that the best solution would be to make my own with carton. We recently bought a grass cutter, and the long sturdy box was too perfect. I like how easy to transport they are, and once again, another low cost but effective solution.
11.May.2014 Flinders St Market

I also 'borrowed' our bath towel stand to display 4 bags. I did try to colour coordinate with the necklaces. Did it work? With the jewellery propped up, I received 100% views from women passing by. Interested people touched, felt, inspected closely, asked questions, and paid compliments.
11.May.2014 Flinders St Market

The bag display created a 'cage' where I had ample table space to keep myself busy and be visible enough for onlookers to know that there is a maker behind all these products.

A quiet day allowed me to mingle with fellow stallholders and even did some celebratory market shopping myself with fresh vegetables, fruit, and beads, after selling a bag!

I had forgotten to bring my crochet hook that morning, but was lucky that day with a neighbouring stallholder having an extra crochet hook. These red coral beads were bought from Georgia's destash.

This was the dry run practice in our garage the evening before the market. Pickle was too content with the hot car hood to give me her opinion... I was worried about the short table cloth.

But guess what, I think this purple-grey table cloth was the best find from a spontaneous trip to a Salvos op shop earlier that Saturday.

Now that I have the stall display kind of sorted, that was the easy part. The difficult part is getting sales...


  1. Clearly Georgia is aware of the power of social media!

  2. you should take a patent on those jewelry displays! They are great!

  3. as a firm market supporter ( buying and selling) I'm glad you gave it another chance. I wish my garage was as neat as yours.

  4. My dear, you are doing great! Pickle went with you to the fair? That girl it's amazing!

  5. Hang in there Juanita, they will come:-)

  6. It looks great Juanita! It all takes time, establishing yourself in a new city. Are there any stores and Adelaide you could chat to and see if they are interesting in selling your stuff?


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