Friday, May 16, 2014

Op Shopping with Ann -- Vinnies and Savers

One Saturday morning many weeks ago, Hubs and I were cutting grass on our front lawn for the first time, and that involuntarily served as an invitation for our immediate neighbours to pop over to say hi, which was nice! Neighbour Ann has since dropped by for a cup of tea and chat from which we learned that we both enjoy op shopping. I have only been to a couple in our suburb and Ann was excited to take me to others.

Earlier this week on Wednesday, I decided to pay Ann and Ron a courtesy call. Some timing; it was Ron's 82nd birthday, and we set the date for Thursday morning (yesterday) to op shop. This has been weeks in the making...

Over 70 years of age and still jetting around in her car, Ann took us to Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul Society). That was a surprise; I'd thought we were only heading to Savers.

Vinnies is a small corner shop (for now; they relocate soon). Ann did not find anything that suit her, but I did get some things.
St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies) Ann driving us to next op shop

The real excitement came when we hit Savers.
Savers (Modbury)

'Superstore' says it all, and I was wowed. Wow.
Savers (Modbury)

It is massive and I particularly like how well lit and organised the place is.
Savers (Modbury)

I made a beeline for the home section as I normally would in any op shop. A few things caught my eye there as lately I am stricken by the market fever...
Savers (Modbury)

I remember holding my breath when I saw these packets of vintage patterns. They are randomly packed together which can be a good thing if you like surprises.
Savers (Modbury)

These little crafty packs look like party gift packs. But, what if I only wanted just that one thing out of the whole pack?
Savers (Modbury) Savers (Modbury)

And then I heard music when I saw this!
Savers (Modbury)

My kind of shopping spree. In my defense, these will be turned into a new Juanita Tortilla collection.
Savers (Modbury)

Lunch (coffee, rather) was at a restaurant-cafe a few minutes from our street. Ann had only good things to say about Elbio's and even introduced me to Elbio himself. It is an eatery that everyone in town goes to, so one is expected to spend time exchanging pleasantries to every other patron before deciding to order your meal and take a seat. What a nice community.
Elbio cafe Elbio cafe Elbio cafe Elbio cafe

What did I get?

From Vinnies: stretchy rayon/cotton floral fabric, small white fabric, a knitting book, and a kookaburra tea towel.
from Vinnies

From Savers: this jewellery stand (for my market stall?)
from Savers

... these thick fabric,
from Savers

... and these 2 blazers as an afterthought.
from Savers
Interesting how the purple blazer is sized 8, the green blazer sized 10. They both fit the same! I am crazy about the colours.

Rest assured that with new pieces entering my wardrobe, I will be filling up the blue Savers donation bag with my other items in exchange. This may mean another trip to Savers. Such a dangerous place for thriftoholics!


  1. Love this post Juanita - it sounds great fun. And what treasures you came home with!

  2. Holy heck - that oppie is HUGE! I'd be making a bee line for the patterns and fabric :D When I visit, you must take me here. Looking forward to seeing that fabric become your new collection!

  3. ARGH! Our charity shops here aren't that great! Ggrrrr


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