Monday, April 14, 2014

Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2014 -- Raita Bag

Orange finally gets featured in the Juanita Tortilla repertoire with the Umbrella Prints trimmings dark packet I chose. A fitting colour scheme for autumn, too.

This is a corduroy messenger bag named Raita and I am quite proud of her. You may peek behind the scenes to the making of this Umbrella Prints featured pocket here!

Accompanying this handsome patchwork is reclaimed vintage corduroy, polyester yellow lining fabric and brand new zipper and hardware. Also, you can make Raita yours through my Etsy store.

Checking this list to see if I have met the rules of the competition:
- - -
  • 2. A Take two photos // 1. Your Trimmings packet with it's brown paper packaging 2. What you make
  • B Publish these photos to the internet // share & tell your story linking to Umbrella Prints.
  • C Email Umbrella Prints with a link to where you have shared your photos (we will then pin them to the Umbrella Prints Pinterest Competition board)
  • D Share with all your friends and followers what you have created so that they can vote for you!
  • 3. Make/Do something wonderful from that one packet (one packet per entry)
  • 4. Then, upload your gorgeous photos to a social media platform: blog, Instagram, Flickr, a friends blog or website etc (please note we wont be able use images from Facebook, private Instagram or locked Flickr pics!)
  • 9. The person who gets the most industry judge votes will be our big WINNER!
- - -


  1. This turned out very nice!!!

  2. it looks fantastic - well done!

  3. GREAT colours for autumn. And you are so clever!

  4. It looks great - you did a really wonderful job!


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